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El Viaje Más Caro — “The Most Costly Journey”

The Most Costly Journey (in Spanish, El viaje más caro) is a collaborative storytelling project between Vermont migrant dairy farm workers and cartoonists across New England. This project was spearheaded by the Open Door ClinicVermont Folklife CenterUVM Extension Bridges to HealthUVM Anthropology, and Marek Bennett’s Comics Workshop. The primary goal of this project was to document the experiences and challenges faced by these individuals to

This community within the state of Vermont is too often overlooked and therefore left particularly vulnerable to neglect and abuse. Although we may not typically see these individuals in our daily lives, they are vital members of our community.

This collection of comics is a valuable resource both for these migrant workers and the greater community. They have served to connect isolated individuals with others in the same situation, and the sharing of stories and experiences has helped alleviate some of the loneliness and stigma of mental health. Likewise, they are a means for the broader public to learn about this largely invisible community and inspire action.

FIPP is just one policy that will help Vermont migrant workers can live in our communities without fear. Their work underpins much of Vermont’s daily industry, and yet frequently lack access to basic necessities including healthcare, food security, transportation, and acceptable housing.

Read these comics in both Spanish and English on the Vermont Folklife Center’s website. In addition, check out the Kickstarter page to fund a complete hardcover comic book with all 20+ stories in English.

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